My childhood companion, my dog Rusty, was also my great teacher. He proved to me that animals have personalities, minds, and emotions.

Maggie Miller

Oh my goodness. Six years later and I still sob at the thought and loss of you. A protector of the kids, the love, the best running buddy, and the best friend a human could ever imagine. Long may you run...


You were the one constant through everything. I love you, forever.

Gulliver Moore

For the coolest and wisest cat I’ll ever know.... I feel so lucky that you chose us. Miss you every day!


Way Cool Leo

Zeus Goldsmith

You showed me how we could bring love to anyone you meet. You were my dog of a lifetime, my soul dog.

Duke Impson

To the fastest dog in the world!! I will never forget you...

Bailey Taylor

"Our Little Warrior"

Bogey Scatena

Life isn’t quite the same without you Boges. Missing you but know you are running free chasing planes and buzzards! See you again some day!

Palmer Scatena

Palmer aka BooBoo and Mr. P. The absolute best ever! Always unconditional love to the very end of his too short life. A wave of tears comes to our eyes whenever we think about him.

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